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Project Description
The Office Communicator SDK Wrapper project encapsulates the functionality provided in the Office Communicator 2007 SDK into a convenient wrapper class.

If you've built applications that use the Office Communicator 2007 SDK, you've probably realized that you ended up duplicating a lot of the Communicator automation code across projects. Each instance of the CommunicatorAPI object needs to be signed in to the running instance of Microsoft Office Communicator, complicating things if you wanted to expose Communicator automation functionality in more than one piece of your application.

The Office Communicator SDK Wrapper provides a singleton class that is responsible for handling all Communicator automation functionality. The class wires up and raises Communicator events which you can consume in various parts of your application.

Additionally, the Office Communicator SDK Wrapper provides various utility functions for things such as contact maintenance, querying presence, as well as other functionality.

This project does not replace the need for the Office Communicator SDK, you need to have it installed referenced from any applications that will use the Office Communicator SDK Wrapper.

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